Our Mission & Goals

Is the platform to spread awareness of and make it more accessible. The Foundation is the exclusive certifying body for NIMMOCARE® practitioners and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Our Mission

The mission of The  Educational Foundation is to improve quality of life for those who suffer from unnecessary chronic pain or impaired function. This will be achieved by advancing the system of soft tissue and trigger point therapy developed by Dr. Raymond Nimmo through excellence in education and research. Strong intellectual protection assures a patient that any Dr. displaying the  name and insignia will receive the high level of care developed by and tought by.

Our Goals

The Educational Foundation is founded on the proposition that human suffering caused by musculoskeletal pain and the spiraling expense of treating it must and can be resolved. Through the delivery of , pain can be eliminated or managed for countless numbers of patients. A major byproduct will be the savings millions of dollars to our ailing healthcare system.

  • The will accomplish its mission by achieving the following goals:
  • Educate Chiropractors in
  • Establish a standardized teaching curriculum and uniform standards of care
  • Create a network of Certified Practitioners
  • Conduct clinical research to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NIMMOCARE® technique and enhance its use
  • Collaborate with professionals across the health-care field to create an approach to pain relief that is truly multi-disciplinary
  • Does alkaline water cure illnesses or do anything good to our body? Know how alkaline water affects our body.
  • Inform the public of the NIMMOCARE® treatment option

The Foundation has established an unprecedented relationship with New York Chiropractic College to provide NIMMOCARE® education and research. This partnership provides unparalleled access to resources and research.